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How to Uninstall VueScan for macOS Successfully?

  • Catherine
  • Mar 17,2021
  • 1189

Do you want to learn to uninstall VueScan with your own hands? Do you want to know what the Mac app uninstall methods are all about? Do you want to get rid of unwanted apps for macOS like a breeze? Let me tell you two methods that you can use to remove VueScan and other apps completely.


What is VueScan About?

It is no wonder that the scanner is a hardware device that every Mac user probably uses on a regular basis. VueScan for Mac is the world’s most optimal and frequently used scannera software. The Vuescan scanner has been widely used by Photographers, home users, scanning services and companies, and regarded as one of the most powerful scanners by worldwide users.

Uninstall VueScan

VueScan is originally a third-party driver for the scanner, however, it not merely can better control the scanning process than other scanners, and but also the scanning quality is more perfect, so it has been widely used as a professional graphic scanning tool. It supports more than 6500 scanner and 209 digital camera raw files, and delivers more than 200 types of negatives. Whether you need to scan a single page or a 100-page book or other documents, Vuescan can help you accomplish that with ease. It also can help you scan photos to JPEG or TIFF. Besides that, VueScan also is a superb tool to scan all your film and slides, and compatible with nearly all film/slide scanners.

How to Uninstall VueScan for Mac?

In this guide, you will start with basic manual way. You will get how to uninstall and delete leftover files through step-by-step instructions. We do not assume any prior experience so we go through the uninstall basics from the beginner’s point of view. We then gradually move to advanced method like using a professional uninstaller tool of Osx Uninstaller. This uninstaller brings out an easy way to uninstall VueScan and clean out leftovers fast and by the end of it, you will be able to get rid of any unwanted Mac apps like a breeze. Now, let’s get started with the first manual method right now.

1 Manual Method to Uninstall VueScan

At completion of this part you will have understood the app uninstall basics and come out with confidence to completely uninstall VueScan with efficiency. Below are just a few of steps that you will know:

Step 1: Quit the VueScan app if it is still running on your Mac. Right click VueScan icon on the Dock > select Quit from the menu option.

quit VueScan

Extra tips: If you failed to quit the VueScan app on the Dock, then you can take advantage of Apple menu and force quit the app there. Click Apple menu > click Fore Quit > click the VueScan app from the list > click Force Quit > click Force Quit again to be sure you want to stop VueScan running on your Mac.

force quit VueScan

Step 2: Delete VueScan app to the Trash folder. Click Finder int the Dock > click Applications in the Finder sidebar > scroll down to select the VueScan app > right-click VueScan app icon > select Move to Trash in the list options.

remove VueScan

Step 3: Clean out VueScan leftover files, folders, and more associated components. Click Finder > click Go > click Go to folder… > enter ~/Library > click Go. Access to the sub-folders listed below, delete all files and folders associated with the VueScan app. For a complete uninstall, also delete these two files: /Users/yourname/.vuescanrc /Users/Shared/.vuescanrc (if it exists).

go to folder


  • Application Scripts
  • Application Support
  • Caches
  • Containers
  • Cookies
  • Logs
  • Preferences

Step 4: Clean out deletions from Trash folder. Open Trash folder in the Dock > click Empty Trash. At last, Restart your Mac.

empty trash

2 Professional Method to Uninstall VueScan

You will start with the step-by-step instructions, uninstall VueScan through just a few of clicks.

Step 1: If the VueScan app is running on your Mac, quit it and stop its components running in the background (refer to the steps mentioned above). Launch Osx Uninstaller > all installed Mac app will be listed in the Step 1 page > select the VueScan app > click Run Analysis.

remove VueScan

Step 2: Click Complete Uninstall > click Yes to confirm you are ready to uninstall VueScan right now.

VueScan uninstall

Step 3: Once the removal is completed, you will look at the prompt that Install VueScan has been successfully removed. Click Back to Interface to have a check. Then Restart your Mac.

complete uninstall VueScan

Refer to a simple video guide on how to uninstall VueScan using Osx Uninstaller:

At Last

This guide creates easy to grasp methods for any Mac users removing all undesired apps with ease. Choose a method ideal for you, start cleaning out useless apps and revealing out more spaces for your Mac. Of course, it has been no wonder that a professional uninstaller tool will make it a lot of easier to uninstall VueScan for Mac. If you want to use an uninstaller tool, we recommend you give this Osx Uninstaller here a try.

Tips: Click the following button to use Osx Uninstaller in no time.


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