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How to Uninstall WineBottler for Mac?

  • Catherine
  • Oct 13,2020
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If you are a complete Mac beginner and you know nothing about uninstalling app or leftovers removal, don’t worry at all! In each of methods of the guide, you will know the very basics and will be able to Uninstall WineBottler or other unwanted Mac apps completely. The guide contains step by step instructions that make it easy to understand.

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WineBottler Overview

What is WineBottler? WineBottler is an open-ended programming source that can let you run the Windows software on any operating system which is not windows. Although it is mostly used for Linux, it is capable of running the software of Windows straightly on a Mac device as well without needing a Windows license or requiring Windows to run in the backdrop. Sometimes, it may seem insufficient as an option for people to operate the Windows program on a Mac. A WineBottler isn’t always an ideal option because it is not capable of running every option perfectly. You may find a few applications to get crashed while functioning and some won’t function at all.


So, if you are looking for software that will let you run Windows programs on your non-windows device, a wine bottler can be a good choice but as mentioned earlier it is not good to have a lot of expectations from this program. However, you must give it a try by reading this post in which everything important that you need to know about this program has been discussed. Downloading and working with this program is equally easy since they don’t comprise of complex procedures. 

How to download WineBottler on a Mac? 

There are many ways by which you can download WineBottler on your Mac. The authorized task website at WineBottler now offers constructions of Wine HQ for the Mac OS X. Although, those aren’t just signed the best choice. These applications let you run Windows software on your Mac, but you shouldn’t provide any kind of supportive graphic tool for the installation and setup of common applications. Hence, they can only be a reliable choice for someone who is well accustomed to WineBottler. There are a lot of third-party applications that ease the process of game installation. Some of the applications are free to use, whereas some cost a nominal amount. 

How to run a windows program with WineBottler on a Mac? 

For the commencement of the process, you need to download WineBottler. Make sure that you download such a version that can perform better on the launch of the Mac OS X. Launch the file you have downloaded which will be in the form of a DMG file. Then, go for dragging and dropping the application of WineBottler to the folder of applications for installing them. The process would be similar to what you would do with any Mac program. You then need to launch the WineBottler app which you can find in the Applications folder 

WineBottler includes numerous software of various kinds and all of them are easy to be installed. You can install different versions of Internet Explorer if you want to check websites with all of them on your Mac. Steam also has a windows version, which allows you to play few games which are specifically designed for Windows. You just need to select your desired option and you will find the WineBottler is getting downloaded automatically with the installation and configuration getting done. 

How to Uninstall WineBottler for macOS?

First Method: Remove WineBottler Through Manual Way

This is a common-used method to uninstall WineBottler by Mac Move to Trash function. Follow the step by step guide as followed.

Step 1: Close all process related with the WineBottler app, as well as its associated activities running in the background. You need to click Finder > double-click Applications folder > double-click Utilities folder.


Double-click Activity Monitor.

Activity Monitor

In the Activity Monitor, choose CPU tab > select the WineBottler app > click X button > click Quit or Force Quit to close the application.

quit winebottler

Step 2: Open Finder in the Dock > open Applications folder or the location where the WineBottler app is located in > select & right-click the WineBottler app > choose the Move to Trash option from the pop-up menu.

uninstall WineBottler

Step 3: Open Finder > click Go > click Go to folder… > enter the WineBottler directory path (type a directory path or filename) > click Go. You need to delete WineBottler leftover files and registry items correctly, any wrong deletion may cause some crash issues.

Go to the below paths and delete files named as or started with WineBottler.

~/Library/Application Support/
~/Library/Saved Application State/

go to folder

go to the folder

Step 4: Open Trash in the Dock> right click on WineBottler > click Empty Trash.

Second Method: Uninstall WineBottler Through Osx Uninstaller

Please note: A complete removal of any Mac program assumes that you should have deleted all remnants successfully. For any users who feel overwhelmed with a complete program removal, we suggest try the automatic uninstaller tool of Osx Uninstaller. Next, you will know how you can use the Osx Uninstaller tool to uninstall WineBottler like a breeze.

Step 1: Launch Osx Uninstaller if you’ve gotten it installed on your computer. Select the WineBottler program on the right-side of the Step 1 page. Or search WineBottler. Then click Run Analysis or click the Delete icon.


Step 2: Click Complete Uninstall > click Yes to make sure you want to uninstall WineBottler now.

uninstall WinBottler

Step 3: You still need to uninstall the Wine app that was installed on your Mac when you installed WineBottler. Click Back to Interface > click Wine > click Run Analysis.

remove wine

Step 4: Click Complete Uninstall > click Yes to make sure you want to uninstall Wine app.

uninstall wine

The Osx Uninstaller tool will automatically delete all leftover files for you. Once done, Restart your Mac.


Till now, if you may have known how to uninstall WineBottler for Mac computers? You may have gained an understanding of all the steps involved in the WineBottler program removal process. You are also introduced to the usage of Osx Uninstaller and how it works for cleaning out remnants. Thus, it is the time to choose which method you want to have a try. If you prefer a more relax and easier way to get rid of any unwanted programs from Mac successfully, the technical Osx Uninstaller tool is a priority.

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