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Take Proper Steps to Fully Remove Chromium on Mac

  • George
  • Aug 21,2018
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Chromium is a lite version of Chrome that may not fit for ordinary users. If you’ve installed this app but later realize that it’s not what you actually need, uninstalling Chromium seems to be something you naturally do. But can you do it right?

uninstall Chromium for mac

Additionally, we notice that many users unknowingly download the “fake” Chromium, which is infected with ad-supported spyware-class tools. In that case it is strongly suggested to entirely uninstall the compromised Chromium, for the sake of security.

Considering that some users may have various problems in performing uninstallation, hereby we are gonna show you the correct way to uninstall Chromium for Mac.

First of all, you can begin the app removal with the following steps:

uninstall Chromium for mac - osx uninstaller (1)

  • Right click Chromium in the Dock and choose Quit to shut down the running app.
  • Open Finder from the Dock, and head to the /Applications folder from the sidebar.
  • Locate Chromium, then drag the app icon to the Trash in the Dock and drop it there.

uninstall Chromium for mac - osx uninstaller (4)

If Chromium is not in the /Applications folder, go the File > Find from the top bar, and search for Chromium. If you’ve created any aliases for Chromium, move them to Trash as well. After throwing Chromium into Trash, you should go ahead to hunt down its leftovers hidden in the system if you want to totally get rid of this app.

To delete your profile information like bookmarks and history, do the followings:

  • In a Finder window, click Go > Go to Folder from the top menu bar.
  • Type in the following path in the Go to Folder box and hit Go button:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Chromium
  • Right click on this folder and choose Move to Trash.

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Meanwhile, Chromium may also store associated files/folders in other directories:
~Library/Application Support/Chromium

To detect any item pertaining to Chromium, you can utilize the Search feature:

  • Type ~Library in the Go to Folder box and hit Go to access to the directory.
  • Type Chromium (or Google) in the search box and wait for the search result.
  • Under This Mac, select the folders named after Chromium and delete them all.
  • Click Library next to This Mac, and delete matched items in this folder as well.

uninstall Chromium for mac - osx uninstaller (7)

So that’s how to manually remove Chromium from Mac. What do you think of the efficiency of this standard approach? If you are not satisfied with it, we recommend you to adopt a more time-saving and trouble-free solution to deal with the uninstall.

As a lightweight removal tool for Mac system, Osx Uninstaller allows you to easily uninstall any unwanted, problematic or stubborn app, including Chromium, within a few clicks. To uninstall Chromium, launch Osx Uninstaller > select Chromium > click Run Analysis button > click Complete Uninstall button. And that’s all for it.

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