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Apple Allegedly Plans a Bundle Subscription Service

  • Jenny
  • Jul 03,2018
  • 698


If you have always kept eyes on Apple’s WWDC, you should be able to recall some details about ‘One More Thing’ raised in WWDC 2015. At that time most attendees expected the one more thing Apple was going to introduce is a new hardware, yet it turned out to be totally software-related: Apple Music, its new streaming services.

By 2017, the fast-growing Apple Music had become a pillar of Apple’s services business, bringing respectable $2 billion a year in revenue. What’s more importantly is, its success demonstrates the new development possibility – to build its own content distribution platform. This is a long-term goal that Apple has been and still are working on for the past and future days. Apple Music may just emerge as a prelude.

Apple is planning to launch a single subscription bundle service similar to Amazon Prime and Netflix, insiders told The Information. Different from the standalone Apple Music subscription service, this new service will combine Apple’s content sources together, including Apple Music and the video and news columns they are preparing in recent months.

Earlier this year, Apple acquired Texture, a digital magazine service provider, and it is still not clear as to what the company plan to do with this acquisition. The company may combine Texture and Apple News with a paid subscription services, according to Bloomberg’s report. Meanwhile, recently some reports mentioned that Apple is thinking to create his own subscription service for its original shows, and it might be cheaper than Netflix.

How will Apple distribute those content sources they are picking up with eager?

It is quite possible that, music, video, and news would be the main parts of Apple’s integrated services. As the reports hint, users will only pay once per month for the subscription bundle and can enjoy all these services. The services subscriptions may be pushed out separately, but bundled services seems to be a more economical deal.

The company’s services unit is now approaching $40 billion in annual revenue, and it may become one of its most powerful businesses in the coming years. Previously Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that the company expects to double the size of services business in the next four years. Will it run smoothly to achieve that goal? Share your ideas witu us.

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