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Apple Reveals Top 10 Emoji in U.S.

  • Jenny
  • Nov 08,2017
  • 3625

Apple on Monday released a document to explain their Local Differential Privacy technology, a privacy-preserving system that can gain insight into what many Apple users are doing while helping to preserve the privacy of individual users. In the file the tech company mentioned a chart of the top emoji for U.S. English speakers.

Here are the emojis used most frequently by English-speaking users in America:


From the chart we can see that the most welcomed emoji is the crying-laughing face, followed by the red heart, the weeping face, the heart-eyes face, the blowing-a-kiss emoji, the rolling eyes emoji, the skull, the blushing smiley, the weary face, and the thinking man. Though there is no more other detail attached to this chart, we can intuitively observe that the crying-laughing face wins by a landslide. And based on previous statistics, the emoji also stands out in other countries including the UK.

According to Unicode’s Emoji Subcommittee vice-chair Jeremy Burge, the list of the most used emoji revealed by Apple is roughly consistent with the public data at emoji ranking sites like Emojipedia and EmojiTracker, with the exception of the skull.

One interesting thing to notice is that, all the top ten emojis are related to emotion expression. The “tears of joy face” emoji can express different feelings on different scenarios. You can use this emoji to denote that you are laughing or that something is interesting. Or you can use it to indicate “I have to launch or otherwise I would be crying”. And it can be used as a polite reply when your friend talk about something embarrassing and you don’t want to answer. That all depends on the context.

Emoji helps us share our feelings in a supplemental way. With the release of iOS 11.1, new emojis are added including zombie, broccoli, sandwiches, scarves, gloves and more. What is your favorite emoji when in private or public conversations?

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