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How to Effectively Remove Trusteer Rapport on Mac

  • Jenny
  • Jul 23,2019
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Encounter problems when trying to uninstall Trusteer Rapport? Why I can’t find Trusteer Rapport in the Applications folder? What should I do to fully remove Trusteer Rapport from my Mac?…… You will find the answers in this removal guide.

What is Trusteer Rapport and why is it difficult to remove?

As an endpoint protection solution belonging to IBM Security, Trusteer Rapport is designed to “defend against MitB attacks, remove malware from endpoint devices and protect customers by preventing them from entering phishing sites”. After installing Trusteer Rapport on your Mac, the Trusteer Rapport icon will appear in the menu bar, and you can click the icon to bring up the Trusteer Endpoint Protection interface.


If after a period of trial, you decide to uninstall Trusteer Rapport from your macOS system, you may be confused about how to carry out a thorough removal of this app. Actually this software does not show up in the Applications folder, so you cannot get rid of it by the universal trash-to-uninstall method. According to the software vendor, Trusteer Rapport can only be uninstalled through the dedicated uninstall tool built in the Trusteer Rapport.dmg installation package. So, what are the detailed instructions?

How to run the uninstall script to uninstall Trusteer Rapport?

If it is the recent version of Trusteer Rapport that you’ve downloaded and installed on your Mac, you should be able to find an icon labeled Uninstall Rapport next to the Trusteer Rapport.pkg when opening up the Trusteer Rapport installation file. That is exactly the uninstall script provided by the software vendor to get the app uninstalled.

So, to carry out the uninstallation, make sure you have the original Rapport.dmg file on your system (if you have deleted it after the first installation, go to download the file again from the software vendor’s official site). And here are the detailed steps:

1.Double click the file to open it up (or right click on it and choose Open option)

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2.Right click on Uninstall Rapport icon and choose Open in the Trusteer Rapport file

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3.If prompted, click Open button in the pop-up window to allow the launch

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4.Click Yes button in Uninstall IBM Security Trusteer Endpoint Protection window

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5.When prompted, type your admin password and hit OK to allow the uninstall

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6.Click OK when Uninstall Rapport script requires access to control System Events

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The uninstallation may last a few seconds to complete, and when you are informed that “Trusteer Endpoint Protection was uninstalled successfully”, click OK button.

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How to delete all remaining items created by Trusteer Rapport?

Though the Trusteer Rapport software has been uninstalled, some files created by this app still remain in the hidden system directories, occupying certain disk space. If you are desired to fully wipe out all its traces, try to utilize the Search feature in Finder:

1.In a Finder window, click Go from the Menu Bar, and choose Go to Folder
2.Type /Library in the box and hit Enter key (or click Go button) to open it up


3.Click the Search in upper right corner, and then type Trusteer in the search bar
4.Click Library under the search bar to show the search result in this hidden folder
5.Select the files whose names contain Trusteer Rapport in the result, delete them to the Trash, and when prompted, type your password and hit OK to allow the deletion

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6.Repeat the steps to detect any Trusteer Rapport components in the ~/Library folder

After doing all those works, you should have cleared out all components pertaining to Trusteer Rapport from your macOS system. But wait…is there a better way to do this?

What is the quick way to remove 3rd party apps from your Mac?

Have you ever thought of uninstalling Mac software in just a few clicks? Well, you can achieve the goal if you own a handy tool labeled Osx Uninstaller. As a reputable uninstall tool compatible with most recent versions of macOS, Osx Uninstaller can help its users to quickly scan out every piece of target app and delete them in seconds.

To start with, you need to install Osx Uninstaller and activate it on your Mac:

1.Download the uninstaller by clicking the button below, and install it on your Mac
2.Double click to launch this tool, and click Register button to start the activation

download button

Afterwards, you can select the unwanted app and conduct a thorough removal:

3.Select the target app in the interface and click Run Analysis button
4.Click the Complete Uninstall button, and then click Yes button to execute removal
5.Click Back to Interface button to re-scan your Mac for currently installed apps


In this option you will be spared from repetitive uninstall steps and laborious detection. Osx Uninstaller is a paid software that requires a valid license to function normally. Yet, its vendor also promises a full refund if you are not satisfied with it!

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