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Uninstall Tutorial: Remove Tunnelblick for Mac without Hassle

  • Catherine
  • Jul 02,2019
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how to uninstall Tunnelblick for mac (1)

Can’t uninstall Tunnelblick because it is open? How to correctly uninstall Tunnelblick from the macOS system? Some Mac users contact our support team for the ultimate solution of uninstalling Tunnelblick, so today we decide to write a post to solve it.

As a free graphic user interface for OpenVPN, Tunnelblick allows users to control OpenVPN client and server connections. Once installed, Tunnelblick icon will appear in Finder’s /Applications folder. As for the uninstallation, you will need to do more than just deleting Tunnelblick in the folder. Read on to get the right ways to remove it.

To begin with, learn the quick way to remove Tunnelblick for Mac…

Have you ever thought of uninstalling Tunnelblick in just a few clicks? Well, you can achieve the goal if you own a handy tool labeled Osx Uninstaller. As a reputable uninstall tool compatible with most recent versions of macOS, Osx Uninstaller can help its users to quickly scan out every piece of target app and delete them in seconds.

To start with, you need to install Osx Uninstaller and activate it on your Mac:

1.Download the uninstaller from the homepage of this site, and install it on your Mac
2.Double click to launch this tool, and click Register button to start the activation

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Afterwards, you can select the unwanted app and conduct a thorough removal:

3.Select Tunnelblick in the interface and click Run Analysis button

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4.Click the Complete Uninstall button, and then click Yes button to execute removal

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5.Click Back to Interface button to re-scan your Mac for currently installed apps

That is the intuitive process of uninstalling apps by Osx Uninstaller. No need to worry about any uninstall issues. Sound attractive to you? Don’t hesitate to give it a try!

Alternatively, uninstall Tunnelblick and remove its traces manually…

If you still decide to uninstall Tunnelblick without using Osx Uninstaller, you can either delete Tunnelblick in Applications folder, or run the dedicated uninstaller published by Tunnelblick team to handle the removal task. Here is the regular way:

  • Open up Finder from the Dock, and then head to the Applications folder
  • Right click on Tunnelblick in Applications folder, and choose Move to Trash

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  • When prompted, type your password and hit OK button to allow the change

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  • Open up Trash, right click on Tunnelblick, and choose Delete Immediately
  • Click Delete button in the pop-up window to permanently delete Tunnelblick

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That is how you can uninstall Tunnelblick from both the Applicaitons folder and the Trash. Some older versions of Tunnelblick may not show up in the Applications folder, and in this case you can download the Tunnelblick Uninstaller from the official source, then double click to run it, click Uninstall, and reboot your Mac when it is completed.


Now the Tunnelblick and its modules should have gone from your system. But is that all? What if you cannot trash Tunnelblick? Here are two tips you must get to know:

Tip 1: quit Tunnelblick first if it is currently open

Being prompted that you cannot delete Tunnelblick because it is in use?

  • If Tunnelblick icon appears in the Menu Bar or the Dock, open it up, click the Utilities tab, and click Quit All OpenVPN Processes button to deactivate all related processes.
  • Afterwards, click the Tunnelblick icon in the menu bar, and choose Quit Tunnelblick.

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Besides, you could try to shut down any of its process via Activity Monitor:

  • Launch Activity Monitor from Spotlight, Launchpad or Dock
  • Type Tunnelblick in the search box to only display related process
  • Highlight any process pertaining to Tunnelblick
  • Click the X icon in upper left corner, and then click Quit button

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Tip 2: detect Tunnelblick leftovers in the system

How to know if you have fully removed any file and folder created by Tunnelblick? It is time to utilize Finder’s Search feature to detect its leftovers around your system:

  • In a Finder window, click Go from the Menu Bar, and choose Go to Folder
  • Type /Library in the box and hit Enter key (or click Go button) to open it up
  • Click the Search in upper right corner, and then type Tunnelblick in the search bar
  • Click Library under the search bar to show the search result in this hidden folder
  • Select the files and folders whose names contain Tunnelblick, and delete them all

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  • Repeat the steps to delete any Tunnelblick components in the ~/Library folder

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That is all for today’s tutorial. Have you learnt the tricks to uninstall Tunnelblick?

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