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How to Uninstall and Remove Transmit for Mac

  • Catherine
  • Feb 19,2019
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how to uninstall Transmit 5 for Mac (1)

App Info: Transmit is a file transfer protocol software for macOS. This app could help you to upload, download and manage files on many cloud services with a simple interface. You can use Transmit for 7 days for free but need to pay for it after that.

If you don’t want to keep Transmit, or you need to re-install this app after a complete uninstall, this removal tutorial will show you how to properly uninstall Transmit. To be brief, you can manually delete Transmit through the Finder, or instead, adopt a better and more time-saving solution to get rid of all components of Transmit on Mac.

Q 1: How can I uninstall Transmit without troubles?

First, we would like to introduce a pretty handy and easy-to-operate tool to show you how you can effectively remove Transmit or any other unwanted apps. Optimized for the latest macOS Mojave, Osx Uninstaller is able to scan out every piece of target app and delete all of them in seconds. Here is the simple procedure you will go through:

  • Launch Osx Uninstaller after completing the installation and activation
  • Select the app icon (Transmit) in the interface and click Run Analysis button

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  • After the scanning, click Complete Uninstall button to start uninstallation
  • Click Yes button in the confirmation window to perform the final removal

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You will be prompted that all Transmit files have been removed, and then you can close Osx Uninstaller and check if Transmit has disappeared from your Mac. So that;s it. You have achieved a clean uninstall of Transmit within a few simple clicks.

Interested in using Osx Uninstaller? Visit our homepage to get more details about it. If you have other questions about it, feel free to leave your comment below this post.

Q 2: What are the regular steps to uninstall Transmit?

In most cases, users can actually uninstall Mac apps by deleting the apps in the Applications folder as well as in the Trash. Here are the detailed steps to do so:

  • Open up Finder from the Dock, and access to the Applications folder from sidebar (if it does not appear there, click the Go menu on the top bar and choose Applications)
  • Right click on the app you want to remove (Transmit), and choose Move to Trash
  • Open up Trash from the Dock, right click the app and choose Delete Immediately
  • Click the Delete button in the pop-up confirmation dialog to execute final uninstall

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That’s how you can uninstall a third-party app in macOS/Mac OS X. Emptying the whole trash will delete other items that you may still need so we encourage you to delete Transmit individual in Trash, rather than emptying the Trash.

Tips: If you are prompted that Transmit cannot be moved to Trash because it is in use, that hints Transmit is still active so you need to shut it down from the Dock or Activity Monitor. If the app icon bounces back to the Applications folder, that means this regular way does not work, and you can consider the option we mentioned above.

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Q 3: how to know if there is app leftover on your Mac?

If you adopt the first option (Osx Uninstaller) to remove Transmit, you can skip this part. But if you just delete Transmit in the Applications folder, we suggest you to conduct the manual detection to ensure a clean uninstall. Here are the instructions:

  • In a Finder window, click Go from the Menu Bar, and choose Go to Folder
  • Type ~/Library in the box and hit Enter key (or click Go button) to open it up
  • Type Transmit in the search box, and then click the Library below the search box
  • Select the files and folders whose names contain the keyword (Transmit), then right-click on one of them, and choose Move to Trash to delete those items

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After that, you can go ahead to carry out the detection in the /Library folder. Again, don’t rush to empty Trash. Keep the items in Trash for a few days to see if your Mac works as smooth as previously. If you mistakenly delete other files not pertaining to Transmit, you can still put them back to the original place from the Trash.

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