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How to Thoroughly Remove VirtualDJ for Mac

  • Catherine
  • Dec 25,2018
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how to uninstall VirtualDJ for mac - osx uninstaller (3)

VirtualDJ is a professional DJ software developed by Atomix Productions America Inc. You can get and install this tool from the official site without pain. Yet, if you don’t want to use this app any more, or you need to perform a totally fresh installation, you should know how to completely uninstall VirtualDJ from your Mac computer.

This page contains detailed information to guide you through the thorough removal. The multiple uninstall methods listed below could be referential for those who encounter issues in deleting VirtualDJ. Check if any of them works in your case.

Totally & Quickly Remove VirtualDJ within Clicks!

First of all, watch the clip to know how you can easily remove VirtualDJ 8 in seconds:

By using Osx Uninstaller, you can take simple steps to entirely uninstall VirtualDJ:

  • Download and install the uninstall tool from the homepage of this site
  • Launch Osx Uninstaller, and follow the prompts to complete the registration
  • Select VirtualDJ 8 in the interface, and click Run Analysis button to start scanning

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  • Click Complete Uninstaller button and then choose Yes in the confirmation dialog

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Afterwards, you can click Back to Interface button to re-scan your Mac. By default the app should be gone from Osx Uninstaller interface as well as the macOS system.

Other Methods to Manually Uninstall VirtualDJ for Mac?

Here are how to completely uninstall VirtualDJ (cite from the vendor’s Q & A page):

  1. Delete VirtualDJ from Applications.
  2. Delete the /Users/YourUserName/Documents/VirtualDJ folder.
  3. Delete all VirtualDJ desktop or dock shortcuts.
  4. Empty Trash Bin
  5. Restart your computer.

Before you start the uninstall, you may like to make a backup copy of the /Users/YourUserName/Documents/VirtualDJ folder if you need to keep your database (contains song information such as BPM, comments, etc.), playlists, history etc.

If you have no idea how to carry out each step, we provide an extended version of it. The following are the instructions that you can follow to perform a clean uninstall.

Preparation: quit VirtualDJ if it is running

  • Right click on VirtualDJ icon in Dock, and choose Quit option

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  • Right click on VirtualDJ again, and choose Options > Remove from Dock

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Why some users cannot trash VirtualDJ to uninstall it? Mostly because this app is still active so the system refuses to perform the trashing act. After shutting down the app, you should be able to delete it smoothly. Now go on with the following sections.

Option 1: trash VirtualDJ in the Finder

  • Open up Finder from the Dock, and head to the /Applications folder
  • Locate VirtualDJ 8 in this folder, right click on it and choose Move Trash
  • When prompted, enter your admin password and hit OK button to allow the deletion

how to uninstall VirtualDJ for mac - osx uninstaller (7)

  • Choose Empty Trash from the Finder menu (or right click Trash icon in Dock and choose Empty the Trash), and then click Empty Trash in the confirmation dialog

how to uninstall VirtualDJ for mac - osx uninstaller (6)

This trash-to-delete option is universal for all versions of Mac OS X / macOS system.

Option 2: delete VirtualDJ via Launchpad

  • Open up Launchpad from the Spotlight, or by gesture shortcut
  • Locate VirtualDJ, then click and hold its icon until it start to jiggle
  • Click the X appearing in the app icon, and click Delete in the confirmation window

Note that this option is only available when you installed VirtualDJ from Mac App Store. If there is no X that appears in the upper left corner of the app icon, that means this app is not installed through the App Store and cannot be deleted by this way.

Is the uninstall thorough? Check it out by these steps:

The VirtualDJ app itself has been removed by deleting it from the Finder or Launchpad, but does it mean that all components of VirtualDJ have been removed? You can utilize the Search feature in Finder to find out the truth by yourself:

  • In a Finder window, click Go menu from the top bar and choose Go to Folder
  • Type ~Library in the box, and hit Go button, to access to the hidden system folder
  • As the Library folder opens, type VirtualDJ (or Atomixproduct) in the search box
  • Select the VirtualDJ-related files and folder, and move them to the Trash

how to uninstall VirtualDJ for mac - osx uninstaller (10)

  • Click Library under the search bar to specify the result in this folder

how to uninstall VirtualDJ for mac - osx uninstaller (11)

  • Repeat the steps to delete VirtualDJ components in the /Library folder

After doing all these, you should have fully removed VirtualDJ 8 from your system.

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