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How Can I Uninstall GeekTool from My Mac (3 Ways)

  • George
  • Oct 23,2018
  • 217

Wondering how to uninstall GeekTool from your Mac? The solution differs on the version of the app installed on your Mac. If you have no idea how to properly get rid of this app, read this post and learn the multiple ways of removing GeekTool for Mac.


About the app: GeekTool for Mac is a free software that allows users to customize their desktop by adding multiple widgets. Once installed on your Mac, this app will appear as a preference pane in the System Preferences, and from there you can use four kinds of modules to place various types of information on your desktop, such as the time and date, available hard drive space, battery status, system performance, etc.

Here we list three different uninstall solution for you. Choose the one you prefer.

Solution 1: delete GeekTool in the /Applications folder

  • Click Finder in Dock, and click Applications from the sidebar to open up the folder
  • Locate GeekTool, right click on its icon and choose Move to Trash. Alternatively, you can drag the app icon toward the Trash in Dock and drop it into the Trash
  • Head to the Trash folder, right click on GeekTool, and choose Delete Immediately
  • Click Delete button in the pop-up dialog to execute the permanent removal


Note that the act of emptying the Trash is irrevocable, and that’s why we suggest you to delete the unwanted app individually in Trash. Otherwise, you can choose Finder > Empty Trash, or skip this step if you have set up the automatic deletion in Trash.

Solution 2: run dedicated uninstaller in the install file

Locate the GeekTool.dmg file in Finder, and double click to open it up
Double click the Uninstall icon and follow the onscreen prompt to complete the uninstall. You may be asked to enter the admin account password to allow the change


We notice that some versions of GeekTool come with a dedicated uninstaller stored in the GeekTool.dmg file. If you still keep the installation package on your system, you can adopt this method when GeekTool does not appear in the Applications folder.

Solution 3: Utilize Osx Uninstaller to remove GeekTool

  • Download Osx Uninstaller, double click to open the file, and install it on your Mac
  • Launch Osx Uninstaller, select GeekTool, and click Run Analysis button
  • Click Complete Uninstall button in step 2, and click Yes in the pop-up window
  • Click the Back to Interface button to re-scan Mac, and then quit Osx Uninstaller


This one-stop solution is strongly recommended to users who have problems in deleting GeekTool or those who would like to save time in this uninstall task. By using this tool you won’t need to look for GeekTool leftovers around the system. As a contrast, if you adopt the former two solutions, you may continue with the next steps.

Extra knowledge: is there any GeekTool component left on my system?

Most third-party apps will create some associated files/folders and store them outside the app package. Those items will not be deleted along with the uninstall of the app. GeekTool is not an exception. To know if any of its components remains on your Mac, firstly, head to the System Preferences pane from the Apple menu.

If GeekTool icon appears at the bottom, right click on it and choose Remove GeekTool Preferences Panel. Then head to the hidden ~/Library folder by pressing and holding Options key and choosing Library from the Go menu on the top bar.

Q: Where does GeekTool store its preferences file?
A: The preference are stored in the ~/Library/Preferences folder.

In this ~/Library folder you can use the Search feature to easily locate the items pertaining to GeekTool as their names contains the keyword of GeekTool or Tynsoe. If you are not confident in accomplishing this part, use Os Uninstaller instead, or refer to the details of deleting GeekTool component in the second part of this post.

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