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Mac Tutorial: How to Remove VoxOx on macOS

  • Jenny
  • Oct 09,2018
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Have installed VoxOx but don’t want to keep it on your Mac? How can you delete VoxOx completely without worrying about any app remnant? If you have the same doubts, read through this post to know how you can easily remove VoxOx for Mac.

uninstall VoxOx for mac (1)

Here are the common question about uninstalling VoxOx:

> VoxOx stops responding when you try to quit it in Dock
> VoxOx cannot be trashed from the Applications folder as it is in use
> VoxOx-related items remain in deep system directories that are hard to find out

To troubleshoot those issues, you are supposed to perform the proper uninstall steps:

Step 1: shut down VoxOx

Is VoxOx running on the system now? If the app icon appears in the Dock, right click on it and choose Quit. If the app is frozen, you can launch the Activity Monitor (located in the /Applications/Utilities folder) to kill it forcely: locate VoxOx in the process list, click the X icon on the upper right corner, and click Force Quit button.

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Step 2: uninstall VoxOx

Now you can start the uninstall after totally deactivating VoxOx. Two options are available for you to choose from: using a dedicated tool or doing this task manually.

Option 1 – run Osx Uninstaller to easily remove VoxOx

  • Download Osx Uninstaller from the homepage, and install it on your system
  • Launch Osx Uninstaller, then select VoxOx, and click Run Analysis button
  • Click Complete Uninstall button, and then click Yes in the pop-up dialog
  • When the uninstall finishes, click Back to Interface, or quit Osx Uninstaller

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That’s the streamlined process of uninstalling unwanted Mac apps by using Osx Uninstaller. You can effortlessly manage all installed apps in this user-friendly interface, and the optimized mechanism in this tool ensures you a perfect uninstall.

Option 2 – delete VoxOx from the /Applications folder

  • Launch Finder, and head to the Applications folder from sidebar or menu bar
  • Highlight VoxOx in the folder, then right click on it and choose Move to Trash
  • Head to the Trash from Dock, right click on VoxOx and choose Delete Permanently
  • Click Delete button in the pop-up dialog, and then close Trash window

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Alternatively you can choose Finder > Empty Trash from the menu bar to execute the uninstall. But to avoid any risk we suggest you to delete VoxOx individually in Trash. This trash-do-uninstall way is feasible for all versions of macOS and Mac OS X.

However, you may be faced with one issue: invalid app leftovers still remain and occupy certain disk space. If you want to perform a fresh installation, or just don’t want to use this app any more, you are advised to clear out those VoxOx vestiges.

Step 3: delete VoxOx leftovers

  • In a Finder window, hold the Option key, and click the Go menu from the menu bar
  • Select Library from the Go menu to access this hidden system directory
  • Type Voxox in the search box, and click the Library below the Search bar
  • Select the items whose names contain the keyword, and delete them to Trash

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Alternatively you can open up the hidden ~Library folder by choosing Go to Folder option from Go menu and hitting the Go button after tying ~Library in the box.

Besides, we would like to warm you that deleting the wrong files and folder stored in the ~Library folder may have negative impact on other apps or even the system. So, to avoid any risk, you are suggested not to rush to empty Trash. At lease use your Mac for a couple days and if any issue occurs, put back related files from the Trash.

Here we come to the end of this post. Have you acquired the skills to delete unwanted Mac apps now? If this post is helpful for you, we would like to have your comments.

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